Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sneak Peek - Sofia's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Sofia's first birthday by throwing a party on her actual birthday, which fell on a Sunday. I am still waiting for the pictures, but here are some I grabbed from the photographer's Facebook page. 

I originally wanted to have a nautical theme - navy blue, pink and white. But it was difficult to source out the balloons and the favors and everything else in these colors, so I had to change it. I thought of doing a sailboat theme, and I had great ideas for sailboat invites and dessert bar. But then our help-less situation at home made it very difficult to implement my DIY ideas, so I was forced to change themes again. What I ended up was a simple royal blue, fuchsia and light pink themed party. And you know what? I think it worked out beautifully. The color combination was something so different and fresh  and something only a crazy mind like mine would think of. Gotta love that!

Watch out for more kwentos about the party, ok? I promise to write about it as soon as I get the photos from the photographer.

Best of the West

I may not seem it, but I love watching basketball. It is probably the only sport I enjoy watching. I don't play (I am vertically challenged, you know), but I understand its rudiments and its rules. I am more than familiar with the teams and the players. True, I only watch UAAP and NBA playoffs, but I believe I still know and enjoy basketball more than your average girl.

So, this post is just to congratulate my favorite NBA team of all time, the San Antonio Spurs, for winning the Western Conference Finals! Woot, woot! Their main core of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are perceived to be old and boring, but I love how un-superstarlike they are. To think, they have won several NBA championships (Duncan has 4 rings while the other two have 3), they still come off as humble as ever. 

They have been my favorites since early 2000s, when my then-favorite player Reggie Miller wasn't as entertaining as he used to be. I remember back in 2003 when my boss' son asked me which NBA team I liked. He gave me an incredulous look when I said the Spurs. He said they are not flashy. Which is exactly what I like about them. They are superstars by virtue of their accomplishments, but they don't flash it around. They don't do fancy-schmancy dunks worthy of being in the highlight reel. And when they are interviewed, they always give credit to another person or to their coach. Classy. Oh, and I love that they aren't as fashion conscious as the other NBA players are (seriously, I hate that these athletes wear those fake glasses and wear green paisley tops - oh the horror! - to their post-game interviews. It is just not right).

I also love their coach, Gregg Popovich,  and how snarky and sarcastic he comes off in interviews. His humor reminds me of an older Chandler Bing, my favorite Friends character. 

They are still four wins away from another championship, but I am very optimistic that they will succeed. They are just waiting for whoever wins between Miami and Indiana (series is tied at 2-2 as of the time I am writing this).

Go Spurs Go! 

Ginobili, Duncan and Parker
photo from

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breakfast Photos

Because I haven't posted anything for so long, here are our photos taken during our breakfast at Diamond Hotel. We had a staycation last Sunday, but most of the photos were taken on my camera and not on my phone. I haven't uploaded the photos yet.

I promise to write about the staycation soon!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Victorino's x Heny Sison

Worth every calorie!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have whined here about our lack of househelps and how it has caused me so much trouble and misery. And you know how the universe replied? I was blessed to have won not one but two online contests over Mother's Day weekend! How is that for balance? Pretty cool, right? I won a Php5000 voucher from Cuzo bags and a Php1500 voucher from SM Kids apparel. The best part? The contests weren't raffles where I just got lucky. I won because the photos I submitted were deemed to be the cutest among the entries, and these were photos of my two girls! Nothing beats validation from strangers that your kids are the cutest, I tell you.

So, here are my winning photos:

So thank you universe for reminding me that despite practically driving me crazy, my kids still are my source of happiness and good vibes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last Mother's Day weekend, Jojo wanted to bring me to the Kate Spade store in Shang so that he could buy me the bag I fell in love with. And shock of all shocks, he was actually serious about it. Wow. But the oh-so practical me backed out. I can't quite remove the thought that the price of the bag is almost equal to a semester's tuition at Ally's school. Doesn't it take the fun out of owning such a frivolous want? Jojo still tried to talk me into getting the bag. I told him it was not worth it. His reply? He thinks I deserve the bag and that I am worth it. Wow. So, it was all sweet and touching, but my practical side still won. We didn't get the bag. I still don't have a Mother's Day gift until now. And I am left with a lingering thought - how does one know how much he/she deserves?


It has been almost a week since my last post. I swear I am not slacking off yet again. It's just that between preparing for Sofia's party last Sunday, my messy and disorganized househelp-less house and dealing with the needs and tantrums of my two daughters, I can't seem to get my thoughts together. I might be having my first writer's block, but then again, I hardly have time to sit down these days let alone write a coherent and interesting sentence. And the rare times that I get a chance to write, that is the time when one (or both) of the girls will need me.

Please bear with me a few more days.
I have started several posts already, including my letter to Sofia on her 1st birthday. I hope to finish them within the week. So until then, wish me luck, a firmer hold on my sanity and endless amounts of patience.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It has been a week since househelp number 1 left us. She said she had an emergency and had to leave for the province urgently. So she packed her things and was out in 15 minutes saying she'll be back after a week. My mom thought the whole emergency excuse was just a ploy. I was not as pessimistic as my mom. And who was right? My mom, of course.

Househelp number 2 had been with us exactly one week when househelp number 1 left. She was clearly worried that househelp number 1 wouldn't return so I assured her that we will find a replacement if that happened. I thought it calmed her a bit. I was wrong. She left for her day off last Saturday and hasn't returned since. Her stuff are still here though. I want to throw it away because I am so pissed at her. We were nothing but nice to her and it would have been so much better had she just said that she wanted out. It's not as if we keep her under lock and key here.

So we have been without househelps for 5 days now, which includes Mother's Day weekend so I wasn't able to have an "off day". Major bummer. It has been insanely crazy and tiring and just oh so depressing. Sofia's first birthday party is on Sunday and I can't seem to concentrate and focus on what needs to be done for the party because of all these.

So annoyed. Argh.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Mom in Me

Since today is Mother's Day, I want to share with you glimpses of what my life as a mom looks like. Of course I edited out those that depict real life, a.k.a those where I looked distressed, bewildered and ready to give my kids away. I know those are the ones that earn me respect (and possibly awe) but like I'd post them for all the world to see. Hello! I am not that crazy! No, these are the Norman Rockwell-ish type of photos that would trick you into thinking that everything is so smooth sailing and picturesque. Seriously, I don't think I know of any mom who finds the job easy and stress-free. Heck, if it were, then it wouldn't be so special anymore. Moms are so special and so revered because despite the moments of uncertainty, of desperation and of endless worries and fears, we moms still feel and believe that motherhood is the best job in the world. And that's the truth!

Mom's Day

To the women who showed me what motherhood is all about, my mom and maternal grandmother, Happy Mother's Day! You are my rock, my idol, my hero and my friend. Thank you for all that you have done for me and for all that you have given me. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for you. And if I become half as good a mom to Ally and Sofia as you were to me, I'd me happy and content. Love you lots and lots! 

at Mamang's 80th birthday, 2007

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Seconds

Three seconds was all it took to go from squeaky clean-faced cherub to dungis little girl.


Shopping find - Lunch Punch

It has been a struggle to get Ally into eating her sandwiches, whether it was her breakfast at home or her baon at school. She is not too fond of carbs kasi. But sandwiches are the easiest, quickest and healthiest food to prepare, so I am not giving up and am always on the look out for interesting ways of serving them. I tried cutting them into triangles (so imaginative, I know) and it amused her a bit. I thought of using cookie cutters but that will waste a lot of bread.

So imagine how excited I was when I saw this nifty gadget at Howard's Storage World in Greenbelt 5. It is specifically designed to cut the sandwich without any wastage. Super cool! And lookie at the designs of the set I bought - perfect for my little princess Ally!

I checked their website ( and here are the other designs:

Aren't they just too adorable? Any little girl or boy would be delighted when they open their lunch box and see their fabulously-shaped sandwich! And as if their cuteness is not enough reason to buy, they are also BPA-free! 

Price is PHP549.75 for a set of 4 cutters at Howard's Storage. At the time I bought (last Saturday), they only had the princess and the animals sets. 

I am super excited to try it and surprise Ally!

Eastwood at Night

What do you do when it's 9pm and you are itching to go out of the house? Go to Eastwood City! There are loads to do there! Sure, Eastwood Mall closes at 10pm, but Citywalk is open until 11pm and more than a handful of restaurants are open 24hrs.

We arrived at 930pm and had yummy ice cream at Swensen's, took a leisurely walk towards Citywalk, looked at the fish pond in front of Big Oli's, had goto at Goodah, had iced coffee and fries at McDonald's, watched the dancing fountain, bought goodies at Breadtalk and had mocha soy milk at Mr Bean. All this done in under 2 hours. Whew!

Now my problem is it's almost 2am and the kids are still as hyper as ever. Ayayay! Maybe a late night pasyal wasn't the best idea after all.