Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Mom in Me

Since today is Mother's Day, I want to share with you glimpses of what my life as a mom looks like. Of course I edited out those that depict real life, a.k.a those where I looked distressed, bewildered and ready to give my kids away. I know those are the ones that earn me respect (and possibly awe) but like I'd post them for all the world to see. Hello! I am not that crazy! No, these are the Norman Rockwell-ish type of photos that would trick you into thinking that everything is so smooth sailing and picturesque. Seriously, I don't think I know of any mom who finds the job easy and stress-free. Heck, if it were, then it wouldn't be so special anymore. Moms are so special and so revered because despite the moments of uncertainty, of desperation and of endless worries and fears, we moms still feel and believe that motherhood is the best job in the world. And that's the truth!

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