Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last Mother's Day weekend, Jojo wanted to bring me to the Kate Spade store in Shang so that he could buy me the bag I fell in love with. And shock of all shocks, he was actually serious about it. Wow. But the oh-so practical me backed out. I can't quite remove the thought that the price of the bag is almost equal to a semester's tuition at Ally's school. Doesn't it take the fun out of owning such a frivolous want? Jojo still tried to talk me into getting the bag. I told him it was not worth it. His reply? He thinks I deserve the bag and that I am worth it. Wow. So, it was all sweet and touching, but my practical side still won. We didn't get the bag. I still don't have a Mother's Day gift until now. And I am left with a lingering thought - how does one know how much he/she deserves?

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