Friday, March 22, 2013

Mickey and Anne's Wedding

We attended my cousin Mickey's wedding at Glass Garden last Saturday. It was my first time to attend a Christian wedding where the wedding ceremony and the reception was in the same place. It was all new to me, and I found it odd to be seated in a round table during the marriage rites. It reminded me so much of Bill and Fleur's wedding in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Too bad they couldn't just magic the chairs and tables like they did in the book.

The place was beautiful! The foliage and the lighting added a certain romantic feeling to the atmosphere. The 'altar' was adorned in fairy lights and flowers. Truly a perfect setting! My one complaint was that the aircon was too cold! Maybe because it was raining outside that day, I don't know. I had to keep moving around so I won't freeze (exag but felt true at the time).

Ally was a flower girl (her fifth in 15 months), and I was so proud of her! She needed very little 'coaching' but she walked down the aisle unaccompanied and smiled throughout. Very stariray for my usually public-shy little girl! And she was such a behaved little princess the whole evening. My grandaunt complimented me on Ally's comportment, and said she (Ally) was amazingly mature for her age and that I was raising her well. So touched and kilig! Thank you, Ally, for making your mother look good to the elders.

The stage mother giving last-minute instructions
This was taken while she was walking down the aisle.
Love that Ally is always camera ready!
Sofia behaved a lot better than I expected. She was a bit cranky at first, which might have been caused by her discomfort at the temperature too. But she didn't make too much of a noise during the ceremony, to my great relief! She was all smiles after her nap midway through the event and only asked (or rather, demanded) to be nursed late in the evening, which I was thankful for since my dress was not breastfeeding-friendly. 

Doesn't Sofia look so adorable?
Best part of my evening? Receiving a couple of compliments on my look! Yihee, so kilig! So shallow, I know, but hey, it really did make my night complete. They said I looked well put-together and dalaga-looking! And a few relatives even commented that I seem to be losing weight. Woohoo!

All in all, it was a great evening and we had so much fun! It was such a treat to dress up and celebrate with family and loved ones. Again, congratulations and best wishes, Mickey and Anne! Thank you for hosting a fun and memorable evening.

My cousin Mickey reminded me of Lee Min Ho here
Proud (and teary-eyed) parents of the groom
Newlyweds Mickey and Anne with the flower girls and ring/bible bearers
Me and my princess
Battung family picture (with Ally's pouty lips and Jojo's SMB)
With my siblings
Barangay Macias with the newlyweds
Welcome to the Paras clan, Anne!
Grandpa and Ally 
Princess Ally
With my mom and Mamang. Parang sisters lang!

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