Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday Mall Day

My sister and I usually bring our kids to our parents' place Friday afternoon. This week however, plans changed after we saw Wee Nam Kee's update on Facebook. They have a 50% off total bill when you use a Citibank card. The promo is only for their Trinoma branch and valid Mar 22-23. Minutes after reading the post and a couple of phone calls later, we decided meet up at Trinoma instead and made reservations to have lunch at Wee Nam Kee.

I was so happy we decided fast. The resto was kinda small and all the tables were reserved when we got there at 11am. I had my hands full with my super likot Sofia so I wasn't able to take photos at all! We feasted on roasted and steamed chicken, cereal prawns, hot and sour soup and spinach soup. Total bill for 9 pax? Only Php1500. Sobrang sulit price wise and we were so busog and satisfied. Wee Nam Kee's chicken rice tastes exactly like the ones in Singapore and remains to be the only one here in Metro Manila that doesn't taste pilit, in my opinion.

Sofia entertaining Mamang with her likot antics
I love my sister's porma, so casual and chic!
After our very satisfying lunch, we dropped Ally, Pito and the yaya over at the playground area before going around the mall. We paid for 3 hours of play, which I originally thought was too long and Ally would get bored before the time was up. I was wrong. They had so much fun, they stayed until practically the last minute.

It was easier for us to go around the mall minus the bigger kids. Walang makulit asking to go to the toys section or to the bookstore or to McDonald's for ice cream. We were able to shop in relative peace, for me at least since Sofia was asleep in her stroller. I was able to buy cute summer-y shorts and sandos for Sofia and a pretty (also summer-y) watch for me.
Circo shorts and sandos from Landmark
Cute watch from Call It Spring
It was a good change of pace for all of us. It was definitely a great way to kick off the weekend fun.

Happy weekend!

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