Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Most people jog counter-clockwise around UP Acad Oval. I don't. I jog clockwise. It's not because I am a non-conformist or because I just want to be different. Far from it, actually.

There are several reasons why I jog clockwise.

One, the route puts less stress on my knees. I am no geodetic engineer so I can't really say a lot about the incline or what-not, but for some reason, my knees get strained more when I jog counter-clockwise.

Two, the UP ikot jeeps's exhaust are not blown straight to my face. It has happened to me one too many times before and has caused me a pimple or two. Of course, I am vain enough to be bothered. So now I am able to see bad smoke-belchers, and I just move towards the sidewalk and away from the ikot jeep. Easy-peasy.

Three, my face gets less sun exposure in the clockwise route. The trees along Acad oval provide decent coverage from the sun, except in the Vinzon's-Educ area and the Oblation-university Ave area. If you jog counter-clockwise, you are exposed to the sun the whole stretch from the PHAN (Palma Hall Annex) to Educ to Vinzon's Hall. That's a lot of sun exposure. If you jog clockwise, you are just exposed at the turn from Vinzon's to Educ. On the other end, at the Oblation-University Ave side, there is nothing much that can be done there either way. 

Four, I feel safer when I am able to see the cars and jeeps coming at me rather than behind me.  

And lastly, I get to people-watch since most tend to jog counter-clockwise. I like to think myself as an observant person, and I do love the characters that I see while jogging. It tends to entertain me so jogging doesn't become too monotonous and boring. I've seen several girls who are fully made up (which I seriously don't get, especially at 630am), guys who sweat profusely (eeew) elder ladies who walk while fanning themselves (so donya, I love it), hard-core athletes (kainggit their lean bodies), and lovey-dovey couples who walk hand in hand (so adorably cute).

See, going against the norm is both practical and fun!

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