Sunday, December 30, 2012


The priest said in today's homily that we should always do 3 things to start the year right - be thankful for the blessings of the previous year, admit the mistakes done in the previous year, and make concrete resolutions for the new year. His words struck a chord on me and I am using them as inspiration to start 2013.

I have so many things to be thankful for in the year 2012. I have already listed them down and I will publish the post on Friday (my birthday).

As for the mistakes, I choose to reflect instead on my 2012 resolutions and evaluate how I fared with them.

2012 resolution number 1: Spend quality time with my daughter

Well, this I was able to do! This was such an important resolution for me and I am so proud to have been true to it. Yay me! I specifically made time to go on mini dates and have one-on-one bonding times with Ally. She and I have also taken to doing worksheets and "assignments" this school year. They are not part of her school's curriculum, but don't worry, I am not pressuring her (too much), she just seriously enjoys them.

2012 resolution number 2: Refrain from buying pretty but cheapo clothes and shoes

Except for maybe 2 or 3 tops, I was kinda successful with this resolution. Yay me!

2012 resolution number 3: Take up and keep a hobby

Fail! I didn't learn any new skill in 2012. I hardly used my DSLR and I don't remember even opening Photoshop or any photo editing software. Yikes! I should really work on this resolution this year.

2012 resolution number 4: Keep in touch with high school and college friends

I was sort of successful with this one too. I attended a high school friend's and a college friend's wedding (and both were held out of town). We had several dinners throughout the year. And I kept in touch beyond FB! I called and sent SMS and emails. So yay me!

2012 resolution number 5: Read at least 2 books a month

I was able to read 2-3 books per month prior to giving birth to Sofia. But after I had her, I don't have much time to read anymore. I am the type who wants to finish a book in one sitting, and that is next to impossible with a toddler and an infant in the house.

2012 resolution number 6: Blog

I have been productive the last three months of the year, huge thanks to my iPhone and the Blogger app. And I am more optimistic that I can keep this up this time. I am enjoying myself and I like that I have an outlet for my stories, no matter how trivial they may be. I also like that I have something that keeps my mind busy. Yay!

My score is 4/6 (half points each for resolutions 5 and 6). Not bad at all! And more importantly, I feel like I've progressed a bit from where I was this time last year. I somewhat achieved and stuck to my goals and I am proud of myself. Going forward, I hope to be able to keep this up and progress more for 2013. But, aside from these recycled resolutions, here are a few more concrete resolutions to challenge myself more:

1. Lessen impulse buys and stick to a monthly shopping budget

2. Declutter and organize the house and computer files

3. Run a 10km marathon

4. Look into becoming a breastfeeding peer counselor

5. Learn to cook at least 1 viand

6. Learn to bake choco chip cookies

Thank you, 2012. It has been awesome. You're next, 2013. I am sure we are going to have fun!

Christmas Day 2012

For the second year in a row, my small family spent Christmas Day with nothing on the agenda except to watch the 6pm Disney on Ice show. I like this sort-of tradition a lot because we just basically spent time with each other with no worries, no pressures, no obligations and no commitments. Nice, right? I found it to be a good way to recharge and collect one's bearing after all the Christmas preparation and festivities. Then the Disney show was a family bonding treat to end the day. Very nice indeed!

I'm glad that we decided to watch the Disney ice show again this year. Ally is at a better age to appreciate the show, and she enjoyed it immensely! This year's show had more stage props that were visually appealing. The skating routines weren't as good as last year's though and the song selection wasn't my favorite. But visually, it was good. There was a huge castle, a fire-breathing dragon and the classic Cinderella's carriage. The characters were quite good also. Aside from the princesses and their heroes, the dwarfs were complete (and sang Heigh-ho), Ursula (my favorite villain) made an appearance, and Lumiere was there too. Of course Mickey and Minnie were there, as well as Tinkerbell and Goofy. But, this year's show wasn't as polished story wise as last year's was. There was no flow and no proper narration. That said, it was still an enjoyable 2 hour show.

Ally got me to take her photo beside her favorite princess Aurora
The fire breathing dragon was impressive
The structure on the left was the castle
Oh, I forgot to tell you that our tickets were upgraded from Upper Box B to Upper Box A. Why? Because we were sold the wrong tickets at the meet and greet. The tickets that were given to us were not for the 6pm show, which was what we wanted, but for the 2pm show. The lady we complained to was so surprised to see our tickets because it turns out that the 2pm show was for charity only and tickets weren't sold for that show. So to compensate us, she gave us slightly better seats. Yay! And I was even happier that the ticket issue got resolved quickly and without any arguments. Double yay!

It was a relaxed and fun Christmas Day for my family this year. Hope yours went just as smooth and fun!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

OOTD Dec 23

This is what I wore when we went to meet Belle. Actually, this (and variations of this look) is my mom uniform - khaki shorts, loose button down top, ballerina flats, stacked bracelets and a sling bag. Oh, and my all-time favorite arm candy - Sofia!

PS. Sorry for the haggard look. This photo was taken towards the end of the day, and I have been carrying Sofia for over 2 hours straight already.

Ally's Adorable Anecdotes

I love telling Ally anecdotes to anyone and everyone who care to listen. They are so adorable that I can't stop gushing about them. My mom, the ever proud grandma, has been encouraging me to compile all of Ally's anecdotes once and for all. So I thought to share a few here while I collate the others from past FB posts.

English 101
Me: Ally, clean up your toys na
Ally: (after a few seconds of tidying up) Look at me Mommy, I am clean upping!

Ally: Look, I'm ligo-ing!

Ally: (pointing to Sofia's cake) That's my cake
Tito Benj: E why does it have an S on top?
Ally: Ah, nagkamali lang

Yaya: Ally, umuulan o. Gusto mo maligo sa ulan?
Ally: Ok. Dala tayo umbrella ha. Baka mabasa tayo.

Ally: Mommy, I want pink hair like Beauty Pie
Me: No Ally, black hair lang tayo
Ally: Bakit si Grandpa white hair, si Grandma brown hair?

Of Moms and Princesses

Have you ever been to a meet and greet? I've never been to one, until today, that is, but I read about them often enough in blogs. My idea of a meet and greet is an organized queue leading to a raised platform where the celebrity stands/sits and has his photo taken with the adoring fan. Then a handshake, maybe a kiss if the fan is avid enough.

From my experience today, the truth is not as pretty as the blogs I've read made it to be. The meet and greet I attended was so chaotic and so disorganized. There were heated arguments, tempers flared and angry and frustrated fans. The mall security were so stressed and so powerless as they had very little information to give the demanding crowd. They had to call in for additional manpower. Big muscled bouncers also came to secure the area. A very flustered mall representative looked so lost and overwhelmed.

So, who were we there to meet? You'd think it would be at least some hot-shot local celebrity right? Wrong! We were there to meet and greet a Disney princess! We didn't even knew which one until she came on stage! The meet and greet was to promote this year's Disney on Ice show, Princess and Heroes which will run from Dec 25 until Jan 3 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Ally wore her Little Mermaid costume
Anyway, the whole event was an experience like no other! It was supposed to start at 4pm but because of the disorganization (not sure if it was the mall's events team or the Araneta people's fault), it didn't start until about 430pm. One would just shrug off a 30+ minute delay, but when those queuing have babies, toddlers and little kids eager to see the princess, even a 5 minute delay is already too long. We were lucky we chose to arrive early so we were 4th in line and we were one of the first to go inside the greeting area. A lot of moms and kids weren't as lucky.

The main purpose of the meet and greet was actually to sell Disney on Ice tickets to gullible parents (like me). You couldn't get into the greeting area without buying show tickets first, and this was something that the ad posters failed to indicate. Originally, Jojo and I decided to skip watching the show this year (because we will be going to Disneyland next month), but Ally was already looking forward to meeting the princess so we couldn't back out anymore. Thankfully, they offered the tickets at 30% off so the unexpected expense wasn't too hard on the pocket. For some however, this having to buy a ticket was not accepted without an argument. Some parents already had their show tickets which they bought from Ticketnet or Araneta, and when they were told that they were not a priority to get into the greeting area, ayayay, there were arguments left and right. The poor security men and ushers were practically bullied and shouted at by angry moms, and they were well-dressed upper class moms too. Sorry but I found it quite amusing that behind every Gucci and LV-clad mom lurks her inner palengkera ready to battle for her child.

So were we able to meet and greet a Disney princess? Yup, and we had our photo taken with her too. Actually, we were able to have 3 photos taken (rule was only 1 photo per family but the assigned photographer botched the first one and the nice rep from Feld Entertainment took our photo twice to make up for it). All the waiting, the stress and drama, all for just 3 photos. Was it worth it? Yes! Ally was beyond happy the whole afternoon and she was excited to show the photos to our househelps once at home. She now has so many stories about meeting Belle, and she is also looking forward to seeing the Disney princesses skating show on Christmas Day.

Oh and we were given a spoiler for the show. Blake, the Feld Entertainment rep, told the crowd there would be a huge fire-breathing dragon in the show. This spoiler is much appreciated because Ally gets scared easily. Now we know what to expect, I have prepped her to just close her eyes and cover her ears once the dragon appears. Last year she asked to go home when the witches and villains showed up, and we had very expensive ticket seats then. Yikes right? Let's hope our preparation this time works and we get to watch the whole show in peace.

Watch out for my follow up post after we watch the show!

Friday, December 21, 2012


I don't think I ever mentioned it here before, but I used to love keeping a diary. I don't write in them everyday though. I usually just put entries when I need an outlet for all that has been cooped up inside me or when something monumental happened that day and I want to preserve the memory.

Anyway, I kept one when I found out I was pregnant with Ally. The diary documented my feelings as I saw her first in the ultrasound, how I felt when she first kicked, how I managed my mood swings, etc. I kept writing in the diary even after I have given birth and during Ally's first few months. Unfortunately, I stopped writing when she was about 10 months old.

I saw the diary last night and I felt guilty that I stopped writing entries. Argh! Why do I keep doing things like this, starting a project and not finishing it? I am so disappointed in myself because I had wanted to preserve all the memories and share them with Ally and Sofia one day. And I feel doubly guilty that I kept a pregnancy diary for Ally and I didn't for Sofia. Geesh.

Please help me keep this feeling in mind so that I can persevere in this blog as my way of somewhat documenting my memories with my daughters. I really want to sit and read with them my thoughts about them when they were younger. I want them to know how they enhanced my life in ways I didn't expect or plan. I want them to be aware of how much they've grown and how much joy and pride they give me.

For my kids, I will do all that I can to be a better version of myself, and that includes overcoming my biggest weakness. So here's to more blog entries in the future. Yay!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I'm so sorry I haven't had time to do a decent post recently. I am just feeling overwhelmed by all the Christmas preparations this year, and I am finding it hard to juggle everything with the demands and needs of my two kids.

I just want to leave this photo of my favorite bracelets, which I wore yesterday when we watched Ally's school Christmas program. I always smile at its gentle reminder and use it as my mantra when faced with a challenge. Nice, isn't?

How about you? How are you coping with all the mad preparations?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 Months

My sweet Sofia turns 7 months today! :)

I owe you a letter baby girl. I'm working on it already but can't seem to get it done satisfactorily. I promise to finish it before you turn 8 months!

Mommy loves you so much! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Reunion

My enjoyment with Princess and I opened me to the thought that maybe Filipino shows and movies might have improved over the years. You see, I am not impressed with local shows and movies. I can count in one hand the number of local movies I actually watched in a movie theater. And try as I may, I can't think of another local show that I have followed ever, other than Princess and I. I guess the closest is ASAP, but I only watch select segments and not the entire show.

Anyway, I googled the other projects that Kathryn Bernardo and Enrique Gil have done to see if any might be interesting. Kathryn's projects are more of the drama genre (not my fave), and Enrique has a couple of horror movies ( not my thing either). But he has one movie that caught my interest - The Reunion with Enchong Dee and Xian Lim. I mean, 3 cuties in one movie whose soundtrack is a tribute to the Eraserheads? Very interesting, right?

So I watched it and I actually liked it a lot! The story was simple - four twenty-something boys attended their high school reunion and felt that they were failures compared to their peers. They were made to realize that they needed to correct a mistake done in the past so that they can improve themselves and find success and fulfillment. The movie showed them getting in touch with their exes while going through one (usually hilarious) obstacle after another. Very American Pie-ish with a local flavor.

What I like best was its soundtrack. Ah-may-zing! It was a tribute to Eraserheads and they showcased all my favorite Eheads songs. They even named the girl characters with names associated with Eheads songs (Megan Young was Toyang, Bangs Garcia was Shirley and Julia Montes was Ligaya), and their high school hang out was the Tindahan ni Aling Nena. Aliw sobra! I was in high school during the mid 90's and the songs played in this movie were my life soundtrack then. So the songs plus the high school flashbacks of the four boys really brought back tons of happy and embarrassing memories.

Acting is just okay but because I find 3 of the lead stars really cute, I didn't mind that. There were quite a number of laugh-out-loud non-slapstick moments and several teeny-bopperish kilig scenes which I enjoyed. Hands down my favorite scenes were the Avengers entrance walk and fight scenes. Hilarious!

So if you have time and get an opportunity to watch this film, please do. I am sure it will put a nice smile on your face.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Christmas/birthday Wish List

My birthday and Christmas are only 10 days apart so it makes sense to do just one wish list for both. Here goes:

1. Catalogue 63 gift certificates/shopping spree

I know I'm supposed to be trying to reduce the amount of clothes I have, but I really love the clothes at Catalogue 63. The designs are modern-classic and prices are reasonable but I find it hard to justify buying new clothes when I have practically no more closet space. I have a couple of items I want to get from them, like the Miya long dress in black and dark gray, Miya short dress in peach, Jenna top in white, Mara top in wine, and Olivia dress in pink.

Check out their website and see if you can resist shopping!

2. Call it Spring wedge booties

I like the way they look and they would be perfect for our two upcoming family trips. I haven't tried it on though so I'm not sure it it is comfortable or not. You see, I'm the type who will only try on something if I'm sure I'll buy it already. The price is over what I think is reasonable for a pair of shoes (I'm a cheapo, remember?), but I don't know how I will walk away if the shoes are as comfortable as they seem. Sigh.

3. Black Chucks-like sneakers

I saw these in SM about a month ago and I really like them. The sequins appeal to me but I'm worried that they might seem that I'm trying too hard to be "young". What do you think? Should a mom of two still wear shoes like these?

4. Make up lessons

I am so clueless when it comes to putting on make up. I think it's about time I learn since my face isn't as fresh and young looking as it once was. Any suggestions where I should enroll? Warning though, I don't think I ought to spend so much on this.

So, there you have it. Hope this gives you ideas on what to buy for yourself or your loved ones. And for those of you who talk to my husband, please mention this list to him. I would be ever so grateful.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Posting the photobooth pictures of my little family in my cousins' debuts. These were taken a year and a half apart. So many things have changed, right?

(Obvious) change number 1: Sofia, the cute little addition to our little family

She makes our lives a little bit more hectic and crazier but oh so much better!

Change number 2: Ally has grown up so much!

She looks more confident of herself now, don't you think so? She has matured a lot over the past year and a half. And being an ate really suits her. You should see her little moments with Sofia, always kissing her and hugging her and seeing to her comforts. She is also very strict with Sofia, which Jojo says reflects just how strict I am to her.

(Mababaw) change number 3: my bangs

All my kiddie photos show that bangs and I go way, way back. I was only allowed full control over my hair when I got into high school and I grew them out. Then my bangs weren't seen again until April 2011 when I got into the bandwagon of full bangs. I love the look, so edgy and sweet at the same time. So I'm still undecided whether it is time to have a new look or to stick with the bangs for a few more months. Whatchathink?

(Another mababaw) change number 4: my clothing

Looks like I'm dressing more conservatively now! Maybe it's part of the whole mommy package, I don't know, but I have veered away from trendy and revealing clothes. Now I'm gravitating towards classic cuts and pieces. Am I maturing or what?

Isn't it so much fun and interesting to see how far we've come and changed? This is one of the many reasons why I love looking at old photos.

2 Weddings, 1 Dress

I have attended a record total of 5 (count that, 5) weddings this year. Amazing, right? Maybe it is because it's the year of the dragon and most couples think it auspicious to get married this year. Whatever the reason is, I am thrilled that more and more of my friends are getting married.

Posting photos of me at two different weddings - my cousin Paolo's last March and my college friend Alvin's this December. I wore the exact same dress, shoes and accessories. Don't you just love how the dress accommodated both my then 8-months pregnant body and my now 7-months post pregnancy one? I really love the jersey fabric and the coral shade is so yummy!

What do you think? Did I do the dress justice?

March 2012
December 2012

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Thoughts on Princess and I

Princess and I is a teleserye shown after TV Patrol on ABS-CBN. It has been on air since April but it wasn't until late November that I got interested in it and started watching religiously. I even reactivated my account just so I could watch the earlier episodes. I like the story and the costumes (Gretchen's in particular). Acting is so-so and the editing is terrible, but Kathryn Bernardo and Enrique Gil are such cuties, I don't mind if their acting isn't quite that good (at least in the beginning. It has improved a lot as the series developed).

The beginning of the teleserye has a rom-com Kdrama feel to it. Kathleen Bernardo's character (and acting) reminds me strongly of the female lead in Goong and Boys over Flowers, two of my favorite Kdramas. The scenes in Bhutan are picturesque but the dubbing in Filipino is so off. And while I don't get why the Yangdonese have a weird accent when speaking in English but they speak Filipino quite well, I like it when they sa Yang-don with a twang.

Anyway, I won't get into story lines and details. This is not a review. What I want to point out is that the teleserye is obviously being extended and rewritten, maybe to appease fans or ratings. This is what I really don't like about Filipino teleseryes and what I like about Korean ones, at least those that have achieved international recognition. The Kdramas that I know of (and love) have about 25 episodes only, 1 hour each. And even if well received, they don't extend the story to milk the profits, at least not the ones I know of. Teleseryes should be like that, in my opinion. They shouldn't be changed midway through its run.

It is so easy to get into a teleserye, to get hooked and to want to watch it every day. It is easy to fall in love with the characters and to want to be with them as their story is told. You want to be there for them when their problems and struggles come up. You want to be with them as their issues are being resolved. You want to cheer with them when they finally get their happy ending. But, it just as easy to get tired of it, especially when a new twist keeps on getting added and added. Most people have real lives and problems to get back to, and spending 45 minutes Monday to Friday for practically a year is a tad too much dedication to give.

I am still holding on despite my complaints. Princess and I is actually the first Filipino teleserye I enjoy and look forward to, and I want to see Jao (Gil's character) and Areeyah (Bernardo's character) have their happy ending. Team Jao and proud! I just hope the series ends soon. I don't know if my EQ can handle another extension, twist and plot change.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm not one to indulge in girly pampering. I only go to the salon if and when I feel my hair needs to be cut. I don't have it treated or anything. I barely go to nail salons also. I only go when I am in need of a pedicure, usually for beach outings or when I wear open-toed sandals. I don't go for massages or face treatments either. They are just not my thing. But lately I've felt that my "advancing" age has taken its toll on my skin. It felt dry and looked so dull and sallow. I got worried and thought it time to pay a little more attention to my skin needs.

I did a little research on where to go to get a good facial. I don't want to spend so much, but I don't want to waste my money on useless services either. My research led me to VMV Hypoallergenic skin services, which luckily has a store in Trinoma. I must have walked past this store hundreds of times, but I've never been inside it because it looked intimidating (read as out of my wallet's league). But based on various reviews I've read online, I will get my money's worth with them and that was what I wanted.

The store is small and has very little on display. Off to the back is their treatment room, which can only accommodate 2 customers at a time. And since I went on a Monday morning, I had the room to myself. I like the privacy! The music they played was soothing and the temperature of the room was just right, not too cold and not too warm. The ambiance was very relaxing. The attendant was very professional and very courteous. She did not initiate any small talk, which I appreciated and preferred. So I was able to spend the hour in quiet relaxation.

Based on the sales assistant's recommendation for my combination skin, I tried their Surf and Turf superskin facial, a 60 minute procedure that included facial massage, cleansing, steaming and light pore extraction. It also included a facial mask which is made on the spot specifically for my skin's needs. Everything was done efficiently and painlessly. The attendant explained what she was doing and warned me if there would be some stinging sensation. I know I'm practically a newbie in facials, but I found the whole experience very pleasant and quite enjoyable.

As for the results, I felt rejuvenated afterwards and my skin has never felt better nor looked so radiant. Instant rewarding results! Even my husband noticed the difference and commented "parang gumanda ka", which I took as a compliment because I really did feel beautiful! I will definitely go back and will make a habit of indulging myself with this more.

Best part? They are on sale until the end of the year! You get 50% off any service as long as you purchase minimum of 3 (of the same kind). Pretty good deal! My one hour facial just cost me Php600, which is cheaper than their 30minute facial at original rate. And there is no expiry to your paid-for services! Not bad at all! I plan to get a couple more before the promo ends which I will use for next year.

Check it out and try it. It is definitely worth every peso.

For more details, go to www.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

33 Til 33

I turn 33 years old in 33 days.

I find it such an odd age, not quite mid-life but beyond quarter-life already.

Anyway, as I begin this countdown, I am already forming a list of things I am thankful for. I got this idea from a friend's blog. She religiously posts what she is thankful for on her birthday.

So, watch out for it, okay? I promise to publish the post on my birthday!