Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

For the second year in a row, my small family spent Christmas Day with nothing on the agenda except to watch the 6pm Disney on Ice show. I like this sort-of tradition a lot because we just basically spent time with each other with no worries, no pressures, no obligations and no commitments. Nice, right? I found it to be a good way to recharge and collect one's bearing after all the Christmas preparation and festivities. Then the Disney show was a family bonding treat to end the day. Very nice indeed!

I'm glad that we decided to watch the Disney ice show again this year. Ally is at a better age to appreciate the show, and she enjoyed it immensely! This year's show had more stage props that were visually appealing. The skating routines weren't as good as last year's though and the song selection wasn't my favorite. But visually, it was good. There was a huge castle, a fire-breathing dragon and the classic Cinderella's carriage. The characters were quite good also. Aside from the princesses and their heroes, the dwarfs were complete (and sang Heigh-ho), Ursula (my favorite villain) made an appearance, and Lumiere was there too. Of course Mickey and Minnie were there, as well as Tinkerbell and Goofy. But, this year's show wasn't as polished story wise as last year's was. There was no flow and no proper narration. That said, it was still an enjoyable 2 hour show.

Ally got me to take her photo beside her favorite princess Aurora
The fire breathing dragon was impressive
The structure on the left was the castle
Oh, I forgot to tell you that our tickets were upgraded from Upper Box B to Upper Box A. Why? Because we were sold the wrong tickets at the meet and greet. The tickets that were given to us were not for the 6pm show, which was what we wanted, but for the 2pm show. The lady we complained to was so surprised to see our tickets because it turns out that the 2pm show was for charity only and tickets weren't sold for that show. So to compensate us, she gave us slightly better seats. Yay! And I was even happier that the ticket issue got resolved quickly and without any arguments. Double yay!

It was a relaxed and fun Christmas Day for my family this year. Hope yours went just as smooth and fun!

Merry Christmas!

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