Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Reunion

My enjoyment with Princess and I opened me to the thought that maybe Filipino shows and movies might have improved over the years. You see, I am not impressed with local shows and movies. I can count in one hand the number of local movies I actually watched in a movie theater. And try as I may, I can't think of another local show that I have followed ever, other than Princess and I. I guess the closest is ASAP, but I only watch select segments and not the entire show.

Anyway, I googled the other projects that Kathryn Bernardo and Enrique Gil have done to see if any might be interesting. Kathryn's projects are more of the drama genre (not my fave), and Enrique has a couple of horror movies ( not my thing either). But he has one movie that caught my interest - The Reunion with Enchong Dee and Xian Lim. I mean, 3 cuties in one movie whose soundtrack is a tribute to the Eraserheads? Very interesting, right?

So I watched it and I actually liked it a lot! The story was simple - four twenty-something boys attended their high school reunion and felt that they were failures compared to their peers. They were made to realize that they needed to correct a mistake done in the past so that they can improve themselves and find success and fulfillment. The movie showed them getting in touch with their exes while going through one (usually hilarious) obstacle after another. Very American Pie-ish with a local flavor.

What I like best was its soundtrack. Ah-may-zing! It was a tribute to Eraserheads and they showcased all my favorite Eheads songs. They even named the girl characters with names associated with Eheads songs (Megan Young was Toyang, Bangs Garcia was Shirley and Julia Montes was Ligaya), and their high school hang out was the Tindahan ni Aling Nena. Aliw sobra! I was in high school during the mid 90's and the songs played in this movie were my life soundtrack then. So the songs plus the high school flashbacks of the four boys really brought back tons of happy and embarrassing memories.

Acting is just okay but because I find 3 of the lead stars really cute, I didn't mind that. There were quite a number of laugh-out-loud non-slapstick moments and several teeny-bopperish kilig scenes which I enjoyed. Hands down my favorite scenes were the Avengers entrance walk and fight scenes. Hilarious!

So if you have time and get an opportunity to watch this film, please do. I am sure it will put a nice smile on your face.

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