Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I'm not one to indulge in girly pampering. I only go to the salon if and when I feel my hair needs to be cut. I don't have it treated or anything. I barely go to nail salons also. I only go when I am in need of a pedicure, usually for beach outings or when I wear open-toed sandals. I don't go for massages or face treatments either. They are just not my thing. But lately I've felt that my "advancing" age has taken its toll on my skin. It felt dry and looked so dull and sallow. I got worried and thought it time to pay a little more attention to my skin needs.

I did a little research on where to go to get a good facial. I don't want to spend so much, but I don't want to waste my money on useless services either. My research led me to VMV Hypoallergenic skin services, which luckily has a store in Trinoma. I must have walked past this store hundreds of times, but I've never been inside it because it looked intimidating (read as out of my wallet's league). But based on various reviews I've read online, I will get my money's worth with them and that was what I wanted.

The store is small and has very little on display. Off to the back is their treatment room, which can only accommodate 2 customers at a time. And since I went on a Monday morning, I had the room to myself. I like the privacy! The music they played was soothing and the temperature of the room was just right, not too cold and not too warm. The ambiance was very relaxing. The attendant was very professional and very courteous. She did not initiate any small talk, which I appreciated and preferred. So I was able to spend the hour in quiet relaxation.

Based on the sales assistant's recommendation for my combination skin, I tried their Surf and Turf superskin facial, a 60 minute procedure that included facial massage, cleansing, steaming and light pore extraction. It also included a facial mask which is made on the spot specifically for my skin's needs. Everything was done efficiently and painlessly. The attendant explained what she was doing and warned me if there would be some stinging sensation. I know I'm practically a newbie in facials, but I found the whole experience very pleasant and quite enjoyable.

As for the results, I felt rejuvenated afterwards and my skin has never felt better nor looked so radiant. Instant rewarding results! Even my husband noticed the difference and commented "parang gumanda ka", which I took as a compliment because I really did feel beautiful! I will definitely go back and will make a habit of indulging myself with this more.

Best part? They are on sale until the end of the year! You get 50% off any service as long as you purchase minimum of 3 (of the same kind). Pretty good deal! My one hour facial just cost me Php600, which is cheaper than their 30minute facial at original rate. And there is no expiry to your paid-for services! Not bad at all! I plan to get a couple more before the promo ends which I will use for next year.

Check it out and try it. It is definitely worth every peso.

For more details, go to www. Vmvhypoallergenics.com

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