Sunday, December 9, 2012


Posting the photobooth pictures of my little family in my cousins' debuts. These were taken a year and a half apart. So many things have changed, right?

(Obvious) change number 1: Sofia, the cute little addition to our little family

She makes our lives a little bit more hectic and crazier but oh so much better!

Change number 2: Ally has grown up so much!

She looks more confident of herself now, don't you think so? She has matured a lot over the past year and a half. And being an ate really suits her. You should see her little moments with Sofia, always kissing her and hugging her and seeing to her comforts. She is also very strict with Sofia, which Jojo says reflects just how strict I am to her.

(Mababaw) change number 3: my bangs

All my kiddie photos show that bangs and I go way, way back. I was only allowed full control over my hair when I got into high school and I grew them out. Then my bangs weren't seen again until April 2011 when I got into the bandwagon of full bangs. I love the look, so edgy and sweet at the same time. So I'm still undecided whether it is time to have a new look or to stick with the bangs for a few more months. Whatchathink?

(Another mababaw) change number 4: my clothing

Looks like I'm dressing more conservatively now! Maybe it's part of the whole mommy package, I don't know, but I have veered away from trendy and revealing clothes. Now I'm gravitating towards classic cuts and pieces. Am I maturing or what?

Isn't it so much fun and interesting to see how far we've come and changed? This is one of the many reasons why I love looking at old photos.

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