Monday, December 24, 2012

Ally's Adorable Anecdotes

I love telling Ally anecdotes to anyone and everyone who care to listen. They are so adorable that I can't stop gushing about them. My mom, the ever proud grandma, has been encouraging me to compile all of Ally's anecdotes once and for all. So I thought to share a few here while I collate the others from past FB posts.

English 101
Me: Ally, clean up your toys na
Ally: (after a few seconds of tidying up) Look at me Mommy, I am clean upping!

Ally: Look, I'm ligo-ing!

Ally: (pointing to Sofia's cake) That's my cake
Tito Benj: E why does it have an S on top?
Ally: Ah, nagkamali lang

Yaya: Ally, umuulan o. Gusto mo maligo sa ulan?
Ally: Ok. Dala tayo umbrella ha. Baka mabasa tayo.

Ally: Mommy, I want pink hair like Beauty Pie
Me: No Ally, black hair lang tayo
Ally: Bakit si Grandpa white hair, si Grandma brown hair?

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