Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shopping Find - Chippy Mild & Tasty

I get strong cravings for salty food every so often, and even though I know excessive amounts of salty food is so bad for the health, I almost always give in to my craving. It is bad, I know, especially since my family has a history of heart ailments and high blood pressure.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this in Puregold Jr this afternoon - mild and tasty Chippy with less salt! Of course I bought one to see if it still has enough saltiness to satisfy me. And what do you know, it does! It still has that salty barbecue flavor that the original Chippy has but it is not as salty. Mild nga e. And still tasty enough too. I just forgot to check how much less sodium it has compared to the original one though.

My verdict? It's as good as the original and so worth the Php5 retail value.

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