Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hunger Games

I've had my ebook of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for as long as I have had my iPad2, and I have only finished reading the book today. Yes, just today. For some reason, the first few pages of the book wasn't interesting enough for me. And I'm weird like that. If a book's first few pages doesn't capture my interest, I ditch it. The movie based on the book didn't interest me either. I have watched a couple of scenes while Jojo watched it here at home, and I found it a bit too gory. 

So what prompted my sudden interest in the book?

Well, during our staycation at Diamond Hotel, there wasn't anything nice on the television. The girls were busy entertaining themselves and I didn't have anything else to do except watch tv. Hunger Games was on and I was able to withstand a few more scenes that made me curious. so when we got back, I read my ebook. the first few pages were still a drag but I persevered and was rewarded. Needless to say, I got hooked and could not stop reading.

The story was good and well-written. I wasn't too thrilled about the ending though because it was obvious that a sequel was on its way. Had I read this book before the sequel Catching Fire was released, I would have been really annoyed with the super bitin ending. As it was, I had a mild panic attack when I realized I didn't have the other books in the trilogy. I had to send an urgent order to my usual ebook supplier and I have the next books lined up now. Whew!

So, excuse me if I disappear again for the next few days. I am just really eager to finish reading the trilogy and who knows, maybe I might watch the entire movie too.

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