Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best of the West

I may not seem it, but I love watching basketball. It is probably the only sport I enjoy watching. I don't play (I am vertically challenged, you know), but I understand its rudiments and its rules. I am more than familiar with the teams and the players. True, I only watch UAAP and NBA playoffs, but I believe I still know and enjoy basketball more than your average girl.

So, this post is just to congratulate my favorite NBA team of all time, the San Antonio Spurs, for winning the Western Conference Finals! Woot, woot! Their main core of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are perceived to be old and boring, but I love how un-superstarlike they are. To think, they have won several NBA championships (Duncan has 4 rings while the other two have 3), they still come off as humble as ever. 

They have been my favorites since early 2000s, when my then-favorite player Reggie Miller wasn't as entertaining as he used to be. I remember back in 2003 when my boss' son asked me which NBA team I liked. He gave me an incredulous look when I said the Spurs. He said they are not flashy. Which is exactly what I like about them. They are superstars by virtue of their accomplishments, but they don't flash it around. They don't do fancy-schmancy dunks worthy of being in the highlight reel. And when they are interviewed, they always give credit to another person or to their coach. Classy. Oh, and I love that they aren't as fashion conscious as the other NBA players are (seriously, I hate that these athletes wear those fake glasses and wear green paisley tops - oh the horror! - to their post-game interviews. It is just not right).

I also love their coach, Gregg Popovich,  and how snarky and sarcastic he comes off in interviews. His humor reminds me of an older Chandler Bing, my favorite Friends character. 

They are still four wins away from another championship, but I am very optimistic that they will succeed. They are just waiting for whoever wins between Miami and Indiana (series is tied at 2-2 as of the time I am writing this).

Go Spurs Go! 

Ginobili, Duncan and Parker
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