Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It has been a week since househelp number 1 left us. She said she had an emergency and had to leave for the province urgently. So she packed her things and was out in 15 minutes saying she'll be back after a week. My mom thought the whole emergency excuse was just a ploy. I was not as pessimistic as my mom. And who was right? My mom, of course.

Househelp number 2 had been with us exactly one week when househelp number 1 left. She was clearly worried that househelp number 1 wouldn't return so I assured her that we will find a replacement if that happened. I thought it calmed her a bit. I was wrong. She left for her day off last Saturday and hasn't returned since. Her stuff are still here though. I want to throw it away because I am so pissed at her. We were nothing but nice to her and it would have been so much better had she just said that she wanted out. It's not as if we keep her under lock and key here.

So we have been without househelps for 5 days now, which includes Mother's Day weekend so I wasn't able to have an "off day". Major bummer. It has been insanely crazy and tiring and just oh so depressing. Sofia's first birthday party is on Sunday and I can't seem to concentrate and focus on what needs to be done for the party because of all these.

So annoyed. Argh.

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