Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I have whined here about our lack of househelps and how it has caused me so much trouble and misery. And you know how the universe replied? I was blessed to have won not one but two online contests over Mother's Day weekend! How is that for balance? Pretty cool, right? I won a Php5000 voucher from Cuzo bags and a Php1500 voucher from SM Kids apparel. The best part? The contests weren't raffles where I just got lucky. I won because the photos I submitted were deemed to be the cutest among the entries, and these were photos of my two girls! Nothing beats validation from strangers that your kids are the cutest, I tell you.

So, here are my winning photos:

So thank you universe for reminding me that despite practically driving me crazy, my kids still are my source of happiness and good vibes.

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