Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shopping find - Lunch Punch

It has been a struggle to get Ally into eating her sandwiches, whether it was her breakfast at home or her baon at school. She is not too fond of carbs kasi. But sandwiches are the easiest, quickest and healthiest food to prepare, so I am not giving up and am always on the look out for interesting ways of serving them. I tried cutting them into triangles (so imaginative, I know) and it amused her a bit. I thought of using cookie cutters but that will waste a lot of bread.

So imagine how excited I was when I saw this nifty gadget at Howard's Storage World in Greenbelt 5. It is specifically designed to cut the sandwich without any wastage. Super cool! And lookie at the designs of the set I bought - perfect for my little princess Ally!

I checked their website ( and here are the other designs:

Aren't they just too adorable? Any little girl or boy would be delighted when they open their lunch box and see their fabulously-shaped sandwich! And as if their cuteness is not enough reason to buy, they are also BPA-free! 

Price is PHP549.75 for a set of 4 cutters at Howard's Storage. At the time I bought (last Saturday), they only had the princess and the animals sets. 

I am super excited to try it and surprise Ally!

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