Monday, February 4, 2013

Final Thoughts on Princess and I

I wrote about my thoughts on Princess and I here, and it was two months before the series ended. As I mentioned before, this was the first local teleserye I got hooked on. The story was compelling and the cinematography in Bhutan were breathtaking. Gretchen Baretto has never acted better and her outfits and jewelry were fabulous. 

However, things took a turn for the worse the last two months. The story took a crazy weird turn, and it was as if they took the original story and threw it out the window. I do not believe that the ending that they gave the viewers was the original ending the writers envisioned when they drew up the storyline at the beginning of the series. I am no writer, but I have read a lot of books and I know how good stories are developed and written. It was obvious to me that the writers of the teleserye have laid a lot of very good plot foundation and dialogue the first 8 months. It was so disappointing to see that they did not make use of those and there was no follow up made. The last two months of the series were pure teeny-bopper fluff that had no foundation and added little weight to the story.

The main conflict of the story, the East-West war was not resolved at all. True, the series ended with peace reigning in the country of Yangdon, but there was no unity between the East and the West factions. The throne went back to the West after a short and not-so eventful civil war. The East leaders went to jail and to the monastery, so they didn't have/hold any position in the government. There was repentance and acknowledgement of wrongdoing from Jao, the prince of the East, but there was no admission from anyone from the West that they too have been in the wrong. It was just so one-sided and so wrong. 

Is this really how ABS-CBN end their teleseryes? That they would sacrifice the story just to make sure the more popular loveteam end up together in the series? Such a big disappointment! Bleh. 

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