Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post VDay

I sort of ranted here about the photos on FB and Instagram that people posted on Valentine's Day. It was partly because it was really cheesily annoying and partly because I was attacked by the green-eyed monster. You see, I didn't get anything from or do anything special with my husband. He is such a workaholic that he gets a bit too focused sometimes on his work and he tends to overlook some trivial things. And since I am not one for cheesiness, going out to buy a gift was not a priority. Yes, I am mature enough to understand all that, which was why I wasn't annoyed at him (that much). 

Jojo's work schedule freed up late afternoon of the 15th, and he went to the mall wanting to surprise me with a pair of shoes I once mentioned I liked. However, he wasn't too sure about my preferred color choice, so he had to call me from the store to confirm. The Trinoma store didn't have the color I wanted, but my favorite online store www.zalora.com.ph had it. So Jojo went home empty-handed and we bought it online later that evening.

And I now present to you my post Vday gift from my husband, who knows me well enough not to buy me flowers. 

Amazing how receiving an awesome gift from the most important person in your life can make all those Facebook and Instagram photos less annoying! 

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