Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Girl, Big School

I am so pleased to tell you all that Ally passed the admissions test for the big school! And while I know that she is a smart little girl, I have to admit that I was such a worrywart the past couple of months. You see, I took a huge risk by not reserving a slot for her in her current school for next school year. And then she refused to take the big school's test last December. Ayayay! Thankfully, they allowed her to reschedule to a later date (Feb 4). So I used the two months to condition Ally into taking the test. My efforts paid off! She not only took the test, she aced it! The guidance counselor told me Ally did very well in her IQ test but she also pointed out Ally's shyness. We are currently working on that.

Anyway, come June my little big girl will already be going to the big school. Ack! Where is life's pause button?

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