Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Family Vacation: Baguio Day 3

Our last day in Baguio started with hotel breakfast, where I found out that the peanut butter was not homemade after all. One of the waiters told us that it can actually be bought at any local store. Yay! The brand was Baguio Best , in case you are wondering.

We checked out of the hotel around noon and proceeded to Wright Park for lunch. There was this place there called Ketchup, which was sort of a group of restaurants in one area. You can sit at any restaurant and order from any of the other restaurants and they would deliver the food to you. Nice concept, especially for a big group like ours with different food cravings. Jojo and I chose Malay food. Pepper and her family chose Thai food and my parents and Benj chose grilled food. Price wasn't too bad but the service could be better.

at Ketchup
After lunch we went to Le Monet for some ice cream and for some horseback riding for the kids. Well, that was the plan, but Ally (literally) backed out once we got to the horses. Typical Paras, all bravado disappears once close to an animal. So we just got the ice cream and went to a people-free pine-sy area for some family picture taking.

We went our separate ways after that. Jojo decided to use Kennon Road going back. It was picturesque and all, but the traffic was terrible! There were roadworks so there were areas where there was only one lane passable, and for some reason they prioritized the cars going up to Baguio. To make matters worse, the 3G signal in between the mountains was so bad, I couldn't even use my phone to pass time. Thankfully though the kids were asleep. Scary the thought of entertaining them in the midst of that traffic! Being cooped up inside a non-moving car and kids seriously do not mix!

It took us way longer to go back to Manila than it was to go up to Baguio, including our mass stop at Manaoag. But all in all, the short vacation was fun and we all had a good time.

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