Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hearts Day

I was (and still am) never a sweet-cheesy person. I rarely get kilig at movies or tv shows or even books, much less in real life. I don't need or want to receive flowers at any occasion. I was not a girl who got tampo when a boyfriend forgot a monthsary.

So obviously, Valentine's day is not a holiday that I celebrate and enjoy.

This year however, I got a teensy bit disappointed that my husband didn't do anything cheesy for me for Valentine's. I didn't get any flowers or card or any gift from him. We didn't go out on a date or eat out or do anything special. Nada. It was just an ordinary day like any other.

I was perfectly okay until I opened FB and Instagram. Why do people need to post photos of their bouquets of flowers or their ridiculously overpriced gift or their date at some fancy restaurant and the food they ate there? And why am I so envious? This is so not me!

Valentines's day 2013 wasn't a total bust for me though. I did get the sweetest little handmade card that Ally made at school. Awwww.

Happy Hearts Day everyone. May yours be envy-free and full of cheesiness and love!

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