Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life at 5Mbps

When Sky Broadband sent us fliers to entice us to change our existing unlimited broadband connection at 1Mbps to their 15GB limit at 5Mbps connection, I was not interested but my husband was. I tried to argue that for our usage and purpose, which is mostly just internet surfing, emails and those basic stuff, we don't really need a faster connection; our current connection was more than enough and I have had very few problems with it. But, no, he overruled me and decided to try it out for a month. The Sky Broadband customer service agent told him that the 15GB download limit is over 100 hours of youtube-ing plus other stuff, so he wasn't too worried.

Lo and behold, barely two weeks after we switched plans, our internet gets cut off - we have reached our limit. Crazy! I don't know how we consumed it so fast. We hardly download songs or movies, and I didn't watch any streaming videos the whole time. The difference between this plan and other normal post-paid plans is that when you reach your "paid" limit, they just cut you off. You need to pay first before you get additional minutes. In a way it's a good idea so you don't get a major shock when you get your bill at the end of the month. However, it is such a big hassle, especially since we got cut off on a weekend. Yikes!

So now I'm really trying to cut back on unnecessary surfing. We've asked the Sky Broadband customer service agent to revert us back to our old plan, but he said they can only do that after our 1 month of paid service is over. Boo.

Life at 5Mbps may be really fast, but it's very limiting. Definitely not for me.

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