Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo book

Have you ever heard of Artscow?

It is this web-based program that allows you to upload your photos, select which ones you like and have them developed and delivered to your home. Of course since they are based in the States and shipping to Manila is expensive, I don't use that service. What I do use is their customized photo books. They have several sizes and you can choose embellishments, fonts, lay outs, the works! It is digital scrapbooking heaven!

Anyway, they have this 1-day promo of the customized 8x8 photo book with 30 pages for just USD9.99 shipped (usual price of the photo book is USD14.99 plus 7.99 for standard shipping).

Of course I had to avail of the promo!

Thing is, my saved designs are all 20 pages only. So I spent the whole day editing one of my saved (but unordered) designs and changed it to a 30-page book. It was rushed but I think I did a pretty good job nonetheless.

Standard shipping to Manila takes about 3-4 weeks but I'll be sure to take a photo and show it to you when it arrives.

Visit their website at and get your creative juices (and all sorts of photo kaartehan) flowing!

Have fun!

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