Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Artscow Photobooks

Remember when I wrote about the photobook I made and ordered using Here is the much delayed photo. Isn't it lovely?

I really enjoy making photobooks. It can be time consuming at times, but it is an excellent outlet for whatever artistic creativity I have in me. And to be fair, it is only time consuming because I tend to be a bit OC about the little details. You should hear the little conversations I have with myself when I am in the middle of making a photobook (yes, I talk to myself often)! I worry about the balance of the types of photos I put in (portrait vs landscape, solo vs group),the chronological order of the photos, symmetry/asymmetry of the layouts, the embellishments, the font, the overall effect, the color scheme, the border width, the list is endless! Then when I finish, I sometimes (okay, almost always) second guess myself so much that I have to get another opinion before I send off my order. I value my sister's opinion a lot because she is into Artscow as well. Jojo on the other hand not so much because he just can't understand how the nuances of each detail bother me (before you think I'm a mean wife, I always show my projects to Jojo and get his feedback and go signal before I put my order. I just don't involve him in the creative process).

To date, I have ordered and received a total of 7 photobooks. I waited for good deals for each one, so the most I spent was about Php600 only, which was just for shipping and the purchase of one design kit. Not bad right? The quality is really good and so much more than expected considering the price I paid. I always choose normal shipping to get the price this low. A downside though is that normal post takes 3-4 weeks for delivery, something I'm ok with. If you prefer to get your photobook faster, you can opt for FedEx shipping with a premium price difference. Item is delivered within a week.

My collection of photobooks
These photobooks are the closest I have to having actual photos printed, and I like them much, much better than just having a photo album. Plus, the website keeps a copy of each project I make, so I can just reorder if ever I need another copy. My ultimate plan is to make a photobook for each family vacation and/or big event. I am happy with what I have done so far, and I am only behind by about 4
photobooks. Not bad, considering my penchant for getting bored midway through a task. is a free service. You just need to register and download its design/layout program. Then all you have to do is let your creative side run wild! Aside from photobooks, they also have photo canvas, bags, buttons, stamps, keychains, mousepads, and a whole lot more. It's addicting, I tell you.

So try it out. I am sure you'll be hooked as well. Enjoy!

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