Monday, November 12, 2012


I am so psyched! Since my last post, I have booked not one but two vacations for the family! And both will be to cooler climates so we can finally get our jackets and scarves out from the deepest corners of our closets. Yay!

Now, I already have several outfit ideas in mind, and I am so proud to say that I don't need to buy anything for me (as of now but that can change later on). Tipid na, challenging pa because almost all attires will be somewhat of a new style for me. I will take major advantage of this opportunity to try out less boring styles. Excited!

The girls's wardrobe on the other hand are a different matter altogether. Sofia doesn't have any cold weather clothes at all, and Ally has outgrown most of hers. I am itching to go to the mall to shop for them but that will have to wait until later this week. You see, my parents are in the States right now and it just so happened that Old Navy is on sale for outerwear. How lucky right? The sale is only until the 12th so if my mom gets to buy the ones I emailed to her, the girls would be all set. So my fingers are crossed right now and I'd appreciate if you cross yours for us also.

I won't post my choices here but I will put a few of those that are cute but didn't make the cut either because of the price (coz I am a cheapo), color (will not complement the girls's existing clothes) or the fabric (too thick). If luck is on my side, you would see my choices when I post my daughters' outfit shots anyway.

Wool-blend Empire Peacoat
from $34.94 now $30.00

This is so cute and would match Ally's new Zara boots. It is wool blend so it might be a tad too warm and the price is above my budget too!
Ruffle-cuff Wool-blend Coat
from $34.94 now $17.50

Cute for Sofia but also a bit too warm

Bow-tie Hooded Peacoat
from $24.94 to $20.00

I love this coat but it wouldn't complement the girls's current wardrobe
Lightweight Heart Quilted Jacket
from $24.94 to $15.00

I squealed when I saw this because it is so adorably perfect. Ally's size is out of stock already. :(
Bow-tie Cardi
from $19.94 to $9.97

Another squeal-worthy find but it  is also out of stock for Sofia's size. :(

Cord Sherpa-line Jacket
from $29.94 now $25.00
I don't have a baby boy but I want to put this in because it is so cute!

Are these adorable or what?

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