Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Storytelling Story

When Ally's teacher sent a letter asking for parent volunteers at school, I couldn't volunteer fast enough. In my mind, all SAHMs do that and I'd finally feel legit! Then I realized I have no toddler-marketable talent! I can't play an instrument or teach them a song. I can't do a cooking demo. I couldn't check anything in the list included in the letter except for storytelling, which is essentially just reading a book out loud. Goodness me! Some kind of a SAHM I am!

Anyway, I still volunteered. Kapal ba? I just wanted to do something for Ally. I was surprised that Ally's teacher scheduled me for a date in November and even provided the book I'd be reading. Boy was I nervous! Sure I read often to Ally and she enjoys them. I've read to my nephew Pito a couple of times and he seemed to enjoy them too. But a whole class of 3 year olds is a different thing altogether! I mustered all my kakapalan and accepted the challenge.

The days leading up to storytelling day were nerve-wracking. What if the kids booed at me? What if they don't even bother to sit down to listen? What if I am such a lousy storyteller that i'd just embarrass Ally in front of her friends? Gosh, I was so tempted to chicken out!

Then I remembered what my sister told me, that in order to stop my mind from thinking useless thoughts, I need to keep my hands busy. So I googled simple crafts relating to the theme of the story Mouse Mess, the book assigned to me, and I found a relatively simple one even a newbie like me can make.

I originally planned to do the mouse treats when Ally took her afternoon nap on the day before my scheduled gig (I've wanted to say that for so long!) but she was so eager to help, I couldn't say no. It took an hour longer than estimated but it was twice as fun!
My little helper :)
Little mouse treat 
I almost had to cancel on Teacher LA because Jojo had an asthma attack the morning of my gig (seriously love saying that!) and I had to make a run to Mercury Drug. I even sent a text message already. But traffic wasn't too bad and Ally and I were able to make it to school on time. In retrospect, I think Jojo's asthma attack became a sort of blessing (to me at least) because I didn't have time to be nervous.

My gig (this is the last time, I promise) was at 915, and Ally and I were at school by 830. So I just waited in the next room until Teacher Kim came to fetch me. This was it. It's show time!

I entered Ally's room and encountered 9 tiny little faces sitting quietly and just staring at me. Teacher LA made the introductions and them I started reading the book. The first two pages went smoothly enough. The kids listened intently and they seemed very interested. They even answered my questions. And then I guess they felt comfortable with me already because they started telling me all sorts of little tidbits, like "cheese is yummy!" and "I ate cheese yesterday" after I read the word cheese. Cute kids no? After we finished the book, I gave them their mouse treats which they put inside their bags excitedly.
Photo taken from www.nestph.wordpress.com
I felt an odd sense of accomplishment after. I put myself out there and I got over my initial nervousness. And I actually enjoyed myself. I was thinking of all these and then the kids presented me with a giant thank you card they had made for me. Aww. Heart melted at the sweetness of it all!

So, there you have it, my storytelling story. Thank you Teacher LA and Preschool A for the lovely experience. I would definitely volunteer again if given another opportunity.
Photo taken from www.nestph.wordpress.com
Thank you card

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