Sunday, October 21, 2012


Our household had quite a scare the other day. One of our fluorescent lights in the living room sparked and burst into a tiny flame. I actually saw the orange flame before the husband doused it in water. It was scary, I tell you. So many what-ifs came into mind! What if nobody noticed it early enough? What if the fire became too big to be stopped? What if it had happened in the middle of the night? Yikes! I am just so thankful that nobody got hurt and my family is safe.

During those 15 minutes, all my thoughts were to get the children out of harm's way. I'm so glad they were both sleeping and they didn't get to see the all the commotion and the panic and stress it caused. And I'm glad that I know for sure what I'll save first in case of emergency. There are times when I think I'm getting attached to some of our belongings, but now I'm sure that my priorities are in order.

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