Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Happened?

Look at the date.

Yes, it has almost been a year since I was last here.

So much for reinventing myself, huh?

I have no excuse, really, except that life got in the way. I went back to being just a mom and just a wife. No social life of my own, real or virtual.

I am finding it hard not to kick myself now.

So, shall we have another go at reinvention?

Reinvention means goals, so here are my goals for July 2011:

1) Must watch Harry Potter in a movie house
Do you know that the last movie I watched (that was not a DVD) was 10000BC? Very fitting, don't you think so? It is literally and figuratively ages ago! I was still based in Jakarta and was in the first trimester of my pregnancy then. Kinda hard to believe, isn't it? Well, it is very true and very embarrassing. Everyone watches a movie in a movie house at least once a month/year, right? Even my senior citizen parents are able to watch a movie at least once a week! Tsk, tsk! So, in honor of the last installment of Harry Potter, I shall make it my "comeback"of sorts into the world of a normal person.

2) Post a blog entry
Notice that I just wrote "a blog entry," in the hopes that it makes this goal somewhat realistically achievable. I have 31 days to write and publish one entry. Surely something interesting enough to share will happen in my ho-hum life, right? Wait, if I achieve goal number 1, I'd have something to write about! Go, me!

3) Wear an unexpected outfit ensemble (singular again)
In my last entry I was so proud of myself because I succeeded in wearing non-manang-ish get ups. Well, that lasted all of a month, I think, before I went back to comfy and safe (read as boring) clothes. So, for July, I shall strive to wear one (just one) ensemble that is not my usual style. Oh, maybe I can wear it when I watch Harry Potter! That's 3 goals in one outing! Talk about multitasking!

I will stop at 3 goals and see how it goes from there, okay?

Hope to see you soon! :)

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