Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Apologies and Thanks

Hi all!

I obviously have slipped back into my ningas cogon ways, and I hate myself for it. I do love blogging and I love having an outlet to share, to crank up my creative juices and to speak my mind. You don't know how much I miss it.

I can give you a lot of perfectly valid excuses, but that doesn't do you or me any good. However, I can apologize more profusely than ever before. Sorry to have left you hanging. Sorry that I haven't been around much. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. With matching Super Junior dance moves pa!

That said, I will endeavor a bit harder to post an update every so often. I owe it to you who continue to visit and read my blog, despite the lack of updates, and to myself, to show that I can commit and follow through what I have started.

Thank you all for giving me the drive to kick things up again. I shall exert a lot more effort not to let you down!

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