Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Blues

It is just the second day of April, and so far the month hasn't been all that good to me yet.

Yesterday, all I did was pay bill after bill after bill. Ugh. It was such a depressing adult chore. I tried to look at the silver lining - that I have enough money to pay all of them - but it didn't cheer me up all that much. Sigh.

And then I barely slept last night. It was a really dumb move to drink coffee at 6pm after surviving the whole Lenten season without it. I guess my body wasn't used to the caffeine anymore so I stayed up the whole night regretting my decision. I finally fell asleep at 630am, but was woken up by my two adorable little girls at a little past 8am. 

And then just now our sort-of-new (she started just last January) househelp told me that she would be leaving us by the end of the month. Yikes. This means change again, and I really have problems dealing with change. I am already dreading how lost and unbalanced we would feel until we find a replacement and how we would need to adjust our routines and ourselves to a new person in the house. Oh, and Ate Gina (the help who is leaving) makes super yummy pork sinigang, which is my favorite viand. I will surely miss that when she leaves.

And to think April is one of my favorite months. We have several special days in April - Ally's birthday on the 5th, Jojo and my wedding anniversary on the 14th, my sister's wedding anniversary on the 20th and my parents'wedding anniverary on the 22nd. 

So please, April, be a lot nicer to me in the days to come. Please!    

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