Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weakness: Ningas Cogon

Ningas cogon or procrastination

The term “ningas cogon” is actually derived from the word cogon, which refers to cogon grass, a tall, green, thin type of grass that grows through large fields and easily catches fire. Because cogon grass is thin in texture, any amount of flame brought close to it can cause a quick and wild fire. The next thing you know, you are left with an empty field of dead and burned grass. The reason people use the term ningas cogon is because it refers to the fact that people show fervent interest in a new topic (like the wild fire), but also lose interest just as quickly (like the cogon grass that burns out rapidly). Oftentimes, people describe ningas cogon as procrastination, as it refers to the fact that people tend to show immense interest in new topics, and then procrastinate by failing to follow through with the necessary means of solving the incident at hand.

-Source: http://www.dailyrandomsites.com/

This perhaps is my biggest weakness - I tend to start something and somewhere down the road, I get bored and stop whatever it is. I used to be passionate about writing in high school, then dropped that and got interested in rhythmic gymnastics, then cheerdancing, then social work, then ballroom dancing, then photography and then the latest is learning Hangul (Korean language), which I just stopped as well. It has to be said, though, that I was not and still am not all that adept in any one of these. I was good (at least I'd like to think so), but I was far from great.

This blog is proof of my Ningas Cogon-ness. How many times have I started it and then disappeared? I am in awe of those who have been blogging consistently for 9-10 years. How do they do it? What magic drives them to be that dedicated to one task? And I know without a doubt, they are just as capable of showing the same dedication to other aspects of their lives. I am equally amazed and envious. How I wish I can show even the tiniest bit of dedication and consistency, at least to this blog!

Do you have any suggestions on how I can overcome this weakness? Or am I doomed forever?

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