Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Harsh Realization

I've totally slacked off updating this blog. I have no excuses, no explanations, no anything. I just simply didn't blog.

My husband once asked me how my blog was. I was quite surprised that he remembered that I once had a blog; I don't think he has even read my blog. I told him my blog died as I had no time or stories to put into it. He laughed and said that it's not that I didn't have time. My blog died because I was lazy. 

Hu-what? I'm LAZY? 

My mind whirled with all sorts of denial and curse words. How dare he call me lazy! I know I don't have a job, but I do work! I run our household and make sure we have food and supplies on hand. I take care of our toddler. I make sure her assignments are accomplished and that she studies her lessons, I breast feed and take care of our baby. I supervise and deal with all the drama and theatrics of the house help. My days (and nights) are filled with so many to-do's, it's mind-boggling! I may not bring home a pay check at the end of the month, but I don't sit on my ass and watch television all day! I am not lazy!

But when my temper cooled off and I started to think clearly, I realized that there may be some truth to my husband's observation. I may have some tendencies to be lazy. I can easily make time to blog or do any other activity for myself, but I almost always choose not to. I do tend to prefer to just relax and lay down and read a book or watch television shows for the nth time. I do spend countless hours and lose precious sleep because I surf the internet and read so-and-so blogs. I do have some free time during the day, but I am not productive at all those free times. By golly, I AM lazy!

I never thought that I'd be (correctly) described as lazy, but there is some truth to it. It doesn't sit well with me, and I cringe at the thought of my children one day accusing me of laziness, too. It was bad enough that my husband had to point it out to me. So, I shall make some changes in my lifestyle and rectify this situation. I shall work hard on overcoming my laziness. I promise.

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